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Choosing the Right Menstrual Pad Size for Your Needs

         Wondering which menstrual pad size is right for you? It’s a big decision with so many choices out there. The right size pad brings comfort, protection, and health benefits.

Every woman’s body is different, and that’s a beautiful thing. Embrace your own shape and size when choosing pads. It’s like finding the perfect fit in clothes. It’s key to pick the right size for your personal needs.1 Unfortunately, many women use the same size pad, ignoring their unique shape and period flow.1 Always has a new range, Always Ultra, designed with four sizes for a perfect fit. Recognizing your best pad size is crucial, just like knowing your bra size.

Key Takeaways

  • Not all women fit one standard pad size because we’re all different.
  • 1 Misusing the wrong pad size can lead to discomfort and health problems for many.
  • 1 Always Ultra offers four varying sizes to meet every woman’s flow and shape needs.
  • 2 Your pad size needs can change depending on your period’s flow from day to day.
  • 3 U by Kotex® has different absorbencies to keep you comfortable and dry for up to 12 hours.

Embrace Your Unique Body and Flow

Women come in all shapes and sizes – tall, short, Rubenesque, Twiggy-esque, you name it. This variety makes life more engaging.4 It’s vital to love our shapes instead of trying to fit a certain mold. Being comfy in our skin means finding the right clothes and feminine hygiene products.4

Women Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Similar to bras, the right size of menstrual pads offers comfort and health pros. This includes avoiding problems like back pain and feeling uneasy.4 But many choose the wrong pads, thinking they’re all the same, not realizing we’re all different.4

Finding the Right Fit for Feminine Hygiene Products

Understanding our body diversity and shapes is key for handling period protection effectively. The best fit brings comfort, confidence, and the needed absorbency levels during your period.45

What the Best Size of Menstrual Pads for Me?

Choosing the right size of pad depends on your menstrual flow and your body shape. Always Ultra pads offer four sizes to fit everyone’s needs.6

Always Ultra Range for Every Woman’s Unique Flow

It’s easy to find your perfect fit. First, pick your shape at the top of the chart, and then your flow on the left. The point where they intersect shows which pad size is best for you. For instance, if you have a medium flow, pick a Size 1. For heavy flow, try Size 3.6 Sizes 4 and 5 are great for nights. Remember, a better fit means better protection.6

How to Find Your Pad Size

When you choose feminine hygiene products, think about your absorbency levels. Decide if you need overnight pads or day pads too. Knowing your menstrual flow and body type helps you pick the right pad size. This ensures you stay comfortable and protected all cycle long.6

Factors to Consider When Choosing Menstrual Pads

Choosing the right menstrual pad involves understanding important factors. Firstly, knowing your menstrual cycle and flow is key. Tracking your cycle helps find the right pad size and absorbency. This is because your flow changes during your period.7

Know Your Menstrual Cycle and Flow

It’s crucial to track changes in your cycle for choosing the best pad.7

Material Composition and Skin Sensitivity

The pad’s materials can affect your skin. Choose pads that have a soft, gentle top layer. Avoid those made from harsh, plastic-like materials to prevent skin irritation.6

Pad Length and Absorbency Levels

Also, think about the pad’s length and how much it can absorb. Use longer, more absorbent pads on heavy flow days. For lighter days, pick shorter, less absorbent pads.6 Getting the right combo of size and absorbency means you’ll be comfy and protected during your period.6

Considering these points will help you find the ideal menstrual pad. This ensures a comfortable and confident during your period.

Variety of Menstrual Pad Options

There are several feminine hygiene choices available today. Alongside the usual menstrual pads, one can pick from various items. These include panty liners, tampons, and menstrual cups.8 Panty liners work well when spotting lightly, or to boost other protection.8 Tampons and cups present different ways to manage your period. They work inside your body. With this array of products, every woman can discover her perfect mix. This covers her own needs and favorites during her menstrual cycle.

ProductAbsorbency LevelsCapacity
Knix Period UnderwearLightest, Light, Medium, Heavy, Ultra1-9 super tampons’ worth of liquid9
Hanes Comfort Period UnderwearLight1-2 tampons’ worth of liquid9
Goat Union’s Organic Cotton Boyleg Period UnderwearNot specified1-2 tampons’ worth of blood9
The Period Company’s High-Waisted Heavy Flow Period UnderwearHeavyUp to 9 tampons’ worth of liquid9
Always ZZZ Overnight Period UnderwearOvernight5 Ultra Thin pads’ worth9
Modibodi Period UnderwearSuper Light, Moderate-Heavy, Maxi 24 hours0.5-10 tampons’ worth of liquid9
Saalt Period UnderwearLight to SuperNot specified
Bambody Period UnderwearLeakproof, AbsorbentUp to 2 tampons’ worth of liquid9
Proof Period UnderwearSuper Light to Super Heavy1-7 regular tampons’ worth of liquid9
Pure Rosy Period Underwear4 absorbency levels2-4 tampons’ worth of liquid9

Lifestyle and Activity Level

Think about your daily activities when choosing a menstrual pad. If you’re at the gym or on the move a lot, pick a slim pad. It’s small and won’t show, keeping you comfortable.

On busy days with heavy10 flow or lots of physical work, choose a pad that’s more absorbent. It should also be longer and wider to avoid leaks.

Choose Pads Based on Daily Activities

Your choice of pads should match your day. For active days, stick with a thin, discreet pad. This way, you’ll stay comfortable without the bulk.

For days with a heavy10 flow or lots to do, grab a more absorbent pad. It should be longer and wider. This helps keep you dry and comfortable, no matter what you’re up to.

Do’s and Don’ts for Menstrual Pad Use

Proper Hygiene and Pad Changing

Using menstrual pads means you must practice proper menstrual hygiene. Change your pad every 4-5 hours, and sooner if it’s very dirty.11 Each time you change your pad, wash your genital area. This keeps infections away and makes you feel fresh.6

Disposal Practices

It’s very important to get rid of used pads right. Don’t flush them or leave them where others can see.6 Wrap the used pads well and put them in the trash safely. Doing this makes your feminine hygiene better and safer.

Recommended Pad Changing FrequencyPad Quantity Needed per DaySuitable Pad Types
Every 4-8 hours114-5 pads11Regular, maxi, super, thin/ultra-thin, slender, overnight11


Choosing the right menstrual pad size is essential for your comfort and protection. Many women have used the same size for all, but we should celebrate our differences. Look for what fits your unique body and flow best.12

Think about your cycle, skin, and life to pick the right pads. Always Ultra offers many sizes. This way, you can find what truly works for you.12

Remember, a good fit means better protection. Don’t settle. Find the size that suits you best. Embrace your body and keep your hygiene a priority for a cozy, confident period.


What is the best size of menstrual pads for me?

The best size of pad varies based on your flow and body. Always Ultra has four sizes to fit every woman’s needs. Think about your flow, body shape, and cycle to pick the right one for you.

How do I determine the right pad size for my needs?

You find your best pad size by matching your shape and flow on a sizing chart. For instance, if you need a medium size pad and have a light flow, choose Size 1. For a heavy flow, go for Sizes 3 or 4.

What factors should I consider when choosing menstrual pads?

Look at your cycle and flow, as well as pad materials and absorbency. Choose pads with a soft top for comfort. Pick longer, more absorbent ones for heavy days and shorter ones for light days.

What other menstrual product options are available besides pads?

Besides pads, there are panty liners, tampons, and menstrual cups. Each method addresses periods differently. This lets women create their own ideal period care routine tailored to their needs.

How should I use menstrual pads properly?

Use pads wisely by changing them every 4-5 hours. For heavy days, change them more often. Also, wash the vaginal area with each pad change for cleanliness.

Dispose of used pads correctly by wrapping them and putting them in the trash.

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